The paperback is here!

Hi friends! The day you’ve all been waiting for—at least if you didn’t buy the hardback—is finally here. My paperback came out this week and is for sale at Amazon, Bookshop, or your local indie bookstore.

In tandem with the paperback release, I had an essay in the New York Times this week adapted from the book. Titled “You Can Be a Different Person After the Pandemic,” it’s about the surprising science of personality change, and how you can actually change “the way” you are, well into adulthood.

For the piece, I talked with a woman who embarked on a radical path of change after an inexplicable, tragic event. I do hope you’ll check it out.


I also have a couple fun stories out.

This one is about a family that always lives on Daylight Savings Time:

This year, Tali decided not to change the clocks, and to set all of their devices to the Atlantic time zone—the time zone an hour ahead of eastern time, used by Puerto Rico and Nova Scotia. The family would remain on daylight saving time, even as the world proceeded to “fall back.”

And this one is about how badly I want to get the vaccine, and how much it sucks to wait your turn in the vaccine line. (But experts say you should do it anyway):

Like Carrie Bradshaw, I’ve been typing away forlornly on my MacBook for the past year, and much like her, I couldn’t help but wonder: Am I a chump for just waiting my turn?

Till next time!